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It is the duty of the Rutherford County Clerk of Courts to collect all court costs and fees assessed in all cases before the Circuit Criminal, Circuit Civil, General Sessions Criminal/Traffic, General Session Civil, and Juvenile Courts in Rutherford County. The Rutherford County Clerk of Courts Collection office was created in May 2011 as a new initiative by Circuit Court Clerk in an effort to address the loss of revenue to our County created by litigants who fail to pay court ordered costs and fees, placing a burden on taxpayers.  In non-violent criminal cases and civil cases, court costs, fines, fees, and judgments are part of the judicial consequence of illegal, prohibited or unlawful behavior. To allow fines to remain uncollected negates any merit in the process.

We have three full-time employees working exclusively in Court Collections and one part time employee whose time is shared.  The concerted efforts of the Collections Staff have had success in reducing the lost revenue caused by non-payment of court ordered fines and fees. In our first year of operation, we collected in excess of $371,000 in outstanding court costs and fees.

Rutherford County Court Collections

20 North Public Square, Room 201,

Murfreesboro, TN 37130

The collections staff is committed to providing professional, efficient and courteous service to the citizens of Rutherford County and all individuals having business with Rutherford County Clerk of Courts. This office cannot give legal advice. You should consult an attorney for legal advice.


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