Circuit Court Clerk



General Information
What are your hours of operation?
8:00-4:15 Monday-Friday
How much are copies?
Regular-- $0.50 per page
Certified-- $5.00 plus $0.50 per page
Are forms available that may be downloaded?
Forms are not available at this time.

General Court Information

What types of cases are handled by Circuit Court?
Personal Injury
Employment Discrimination
Worker’s Compensation
Administrative Appeals
What time does court start?
Please refer to the court calendar for schedule information.
How do I know where to go to court?
The papers that you were served with or mailed have a room number or court name on them. It is very important to bring your paperwork so you can be directed to the correct courtroom.
If indicted by the Grand Jury, when do I go to court?
You would be required to appear in court for arraignment on the third Monday of the month. You will be given your next court appearance dates at that time.
Is it possible to change my court date?
Can the Clerk’s Office recommend an attorney?
No, it cannot.
Can I file my own lawsuit?
Anyone can file a lawsuit; however, it is recommended that you hire an attorney to protect yourself. This office cannot give you legal advice, but we do have forms available.
Can I talk to the judge?
No. Judges are not allowed exparte communication with litigants. You will have a chance to present your side in the courtroom when both parties are present.
Why did I receive a cost bill when I never went to court?
Court costs are determined by the pleadings filed in the Circuit Court, not by appearances in the courtroom. The judge assesses all costs.

Jury Duty

What must I do when I receive a jury summons?
Immediately tell your employer about your jury service date. If you need to be excused or postponed, please provide proper documentation to the court.
How was I chosen for jury duty?
Your name is randomly selected by a computer from a list of Rutherford County licensed drivers.
How often can I serve jury duty?
Once every two (2) years.
Who is eligible for jury duty?
You must be at least eighteen (18) years old, a citizen of the U.S., and a resident of Rutherford County.
How much do jurors get paid?
Rutherford County jurors are paid $11.00 for each day they answer roll call.
How long does jury duty last?
How many days and hours you work as a juror depends on the case. You will be “on call” for the month.


Is this where I get a marriage license?
No. You need to contact the County Clerk’s Office.
Is this where I file for a divorce?
Do you have paperwork for me to file my own divorce?
We have a few papers that we require. Divorce papers can be obtained at an office supply store or through an attorney. Cost: No Children- $232.50, Children- $307.50
Where do I get a copy of my final Decree of Divorce?
You can get a copy from the Circuit Court or Chancery Court if you filed in Rutherford County.


Can I obtain a certificate for the Department of Safety to get my license reinstated if I do not have all fees and costs paid?
No, you are required to have all fees and costs paid first.
Can I file my own petition for contempt?
You may file your own petition for a fee. The other party must be served with the petition and service can be obtained through the Sheriff’s Department, by certified mail, or by private process.
Who do I contact to help me collect child support without a fee?
Child support may be collected through the Child Support Office with the help of the Assistant Director. (615) 898-8002
Where can information on foreclosures be obtained?
The court does not handle foreclosures. The bank or mortgage holder has this information.
Where do I go to keep someone away from me?
Contact Domestic Violence at 896-7377 or the Judicial Commissioners at 217-0054.