Strategic Plan for 2011 (PDF)

Changes to the strategic plan are noted in red or green.

Organizational Structure

Circuit Court – Civil
Circuit Court – Criminal
Court Collections
General Sessions Court – Criminal
General Sessions Court – Civil
Jury Administration
Juvenile Court
Records Management/Retention
Technology Administration

  1. Fiscal Management/Accountability

    1. Improve bookkeeping processes

      1. Address audit finding

        1. Related to our current case management system
        2. Once new software implementation is achieved, hold each area responsible for findings/improvements
      2. Investigate technology to improve accountability

        1. Add shortcuts to current software (not available in the current version)
        2. Investigate user-friendly software that reduces the manual input

    2. Collections Improvements

      1. Specific department/clerks (IMPLEMENTED JULY 2011)

      2. Garnishments/Wage Assignments (IMPLEMENTED AUGUST 2011)

      3. Adding additional offerings from current vendors

        1. Garnishments/Wage Assignments

        2. Skip tracing database access (IMPLEMENTED OCTOBER 2011)
      4. Determine "drop dead" date for items to be turned over to collections agency

    3. Court Budget Management

      1. Payroll tracking – To be tracked by each Clerk's Office

      2. Office Supply ordering improvement (BEGAN 3rd QUARTER FY 2011)

        1. Ordering predominantly from single vendor, but some items still need to be ordered from other vendors
        2. Still too much of a variance between offices on types of products used
        3. Hold each Clerk's Office accountable for the office supplies purchased/used for that office – Possible central store
        4. Move as much printing as possible to On Demand printing
          1. Reduces storage in actual office space
          2. Builds continuity of operations if all forms are in an On Demand printing format
      3. Copier Contract Management (BEGAN 3rd QUARTER FY 2011)
        1. Replaced all old copiers with copier/fax/scan centers (COMPLETE 1st QUARTER 2012)
        2. Moved all fax operations to the centers, trained on scanner use, and set up network folders to facilitate scan usage (COMPLETE 1st QUARTER 2012)
        3. Better tracking of each copier's/office usage – holding users (and Clerk's Offices) accountable for usage counts
      4. Postage Reductions
        1. Utilizing scanner to email information rather than mail when possible (BEGAN 1st QUARTER FY 2011)
        2. New postage meter purchased by the County could potentially save office money on certified mail
        3. Investigate the reasons/options for using certified mail

  2. Technology Management

    1. Customer service advances and improvements

      1. Point of sale and internet payment processing – PENDING (Case Management Installation)

      2. Scan and share documents via internet site

        1. Ability to scan and share documents via email, intranet, or internet (COMPLETE 2nd QUARTER 2012)

      3. Website update (IMPLEMENTED 4th QUARTER 2011)

        1. Online dockets (IMPLEMENTED 3rd QUARTER 2012)
        2. Designate Power User in each Clerk's Office
          1. Maintain Site Information
          2. Answer mail
          3. Suggest news or related updates

    2. Case Management Software improvements (ONGOING)

      1. Identify modules that can be added as to not overwhelm the transition

        1. Jury Management

        2. Probation Management
        3. Possibly phase transition through Clerks' of Courts offices

      2. Add modern printing capability to reporting and receipting

        1. Either laser jet or document center printing (NOT AVAILABLE IN CURRENT CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PER VENDOR)
      3. Hired Project Manager in concert with OIT to manage Case Management Software implementation (NOVEMBER 2011)

    3. Building upgrades

      1. New Telephone System
        1. Jury Phone being VOIP

      2. Cameras in the front of each office trained on the front desk stations (IMPLEMENTED 2nd QUARTER FY 2012)
        1. Develop similar improvements for Juvenile Court Clerks' Office

      3. Information Monitors throughout Judicial Center

      4. Higher counters or some kind of protection for staff
    4. Implement some type of Enterprise Software soution throughout court
      1. Instant Messaging
      2. Unified word and data processing applications (not all clerks have access to a word processing application outside the case management system)

  3. Judicial Interaction/Support

    1. Regular Meetings with Judges

    2. Performance Evaluations/Regular Surveys

      1. First survey conducted 4th Quarter FY 2011
      2. Conducted annually at same time period
  4. Extra-Agency Interaction/Support

    1. Build up communication between the offices of the Clerks of Court

      1. Utilize SharePoint Server site (BEGAN 2nd QUARTER FY 2012)
        1. Disseminate information/updates
        2. Store scanned documents and files
        3. Create and maintain Standard Operating Procedures
    2. Regular Meetings with SO – Ongoing, as needed (BEGAN 3rd QUARTER FY 2011)

    3. Revision of Bonding Rules (COMPLETE MAY 2011)

  5. Statutory Liability

    1. Review consistency in documentation between offices

      1. Online forms

        1. Also a place for onsite pickup of forms for each office
        2. Utilize the website more

      2. Mittimuses in General Sessions

      3. Information to Pro Se litigants

        1. New State Website (IMPLEMENTED 2nd Quarter FY 2012 – link available on our website)

        2. Public Relations efforts in each office

    2. Records Management

      1. Destruction of Evidence (ONGOING)

        1. Undertook review of exhibits dating back o the 1980's
        2. Destruction approved by judiciary, the DA, and Records Commission (FEBRUARY 2012)
        3. Regular submissions for destruction of records to the Records Commission, each meeting
      2. Literal location of files

        1. Will run out of space in current usable areas by April 2012
        2. Have not been able to move documents to Archives since 3rd QUARTER FY 2011
        3. Will begin boxing up records dating from 1995 forward (to achieve some space)
      3. Scanning/microfilming project

        1. Reviewed potential vendors for a full-scale back scanning project
          1. Selected a vendor to implement back scanning and microfilming of minute books (ONGOING)
            1. Circuit Criminal is virtually complete
          2. Other vendors are cost prohibitive in light of the potential changes in the Case Management System
        2. Beginning an in-house, limited scanning project before moving records to Archives (IMPLEMENTED FEBRUARY 2012)
    3. Video Advancements

      1. Video Arraignment in other Criminal Court

      2. Video/Audio Technology in General Sessions

  6. Staff Development

    1. Employee Training

      1. Lunch and Learns (IMPLEMENTED 3rd QUARTER FY 2011)

        1. Topics specifically chosen or requested by staff

        2. Review systems to lessen stress in high-volume offices
          1. Circuit Bookkeeper to review budget line items with staff to ensure unified operations/spending

      2. Quarterly Staff Meetings (IMPLEMENTED 3rd QUARTER FY 2011)

        1. Strategy and Long Range Planning (ANNUAL REVIEW IN FEBRUARY)

        2. Budget and Finance Review(ANNUAL REVIEW IN JULY)

        3. Employee Question and Answer Round Tables

      3. Standard Operating Procedures

        1. Analyze process for use with software upgrade (ONGOING, PARTIALLY COMPLETED 1st QUARTER FY 2012)

        2. Determine best use of staffing level

      4. Specific Cross-Training project

        1. By Court Office

        2. Across Court Offices
      5. Language Training Classes for Front Desk Clerks and other clerks as needed

    2. Performance Measurement

      1. Job Descriptions (COMPLETED JULY 2012)

      2. Performance Evaluations (COMPLETED JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012)

      3. Individual Development Planning (LIMITED IMPLEMENTATION 3RD QUARTER 2012)

    1. Items that would be best achieved in a new building
      1. Automated telephone system*
      2. Higher counters/raised glass to protect front desk clerks*
      3. Enclose bookkeeper in Sessions*
      4. New carpet
      5. New/updated bathrooms
      6. New workstations/desks
      7. Updated break areas
      8. Sewer fixed