Juvenile Court Clerk


Judge Travis M. Lampley

Magistrate S. Ray White 

Magistrate Jeff McCullough

Magistrate Matthew F. Wright

Juvenile Court deals with matters concerning juveniles, any individual who is under the chronological age of eighteen (18) years and who has not been previously transferred to adult court.  Such matters include, but are not limited to, cases involving children that are dependent and neglected, abused, status/unruly or delinquent; determination of custody/visitation and support, parentage for children of unwed parents and trust accounts.

Contact Information

Hours: 8:00am to 4:15pm
Phone: (615) 898-7972
Fax: (615) 713-3382

Mailing Address:

Rutherford County
Juvenile Court Clerk
1710 S. Church Street; Suite 2
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Physical Address:

Rutherford County
Juvenile Court Clerk
1710 S. Church Street; Suite 2
Murfreesboro, TN 37130


Category One (Petitions)*


Modification of Child support
  Child Support office only, does not
  apply to private petition


Delinquent, Unruly, Felony & Misdemeanor


Juvenile Traffic   


Consent Orders, Diversion


Voluntary motions to grant custody


Marriage Waivers


Issue Capias, Attachment, Show Cause, etc.


Restricted Driver License


Civil service fees for sheriff’s department


Arrest fees for sheriff’s department  


Juvenile citations and traffic citations




Miscellaneous Charges & Fees


Post Judgment Request**


Issue Subpoenas


Continuances (taxed at end of case)


Copies per page


Mailing (certified)

$7.75 (reg.)
$8.75 (9x12)

Certification and Seal


Request to reinstate Driver License


  If a Felony

+ $50.00

Preparing a record on appeal to appellate court


Third party complaints

Same fee as original complaint

Requests to establish support, parentage, paternity, legitimization and cases not otherwise specified, cross complaints and counter complaints and name change, establish trust funds. Note: This does not include the sheriff’s fees, $42.00 for service.

** Applies to each requested garnishment, execution, levy, post judgment interrogatory, publication request (order), motions to set installment payments, and post judgment orders and pleas, taking an appeal bond, motions to alter or amend, motions to set aside or motions to rehear referee’s decision (entering an order to rehear).     

Note: Data Processing is figured into the total cost. Therefore, when charging the $107.00 dollar fee, this would be $98.00 to clerk and $4.00 to Data Processing and $5.00 Archive fee; Traffic citation fees $40.00 clerk and $4.00 D.P. plus $5.00 Archive fee; Juvenile $60.00 to clerk and $4.00 D.P. and $5.00 for Archive fee.

The Archive fee is a one time fee like the Data Processing fee. This is only charged when a new case is started, not on a second or third petition.

Code of Conduct

All persons appearing before the Court shall be appropriately dressed and are required to show deference to the Court in both appearance and demeanor.

Appropriate dress includes but is not limited to the following:
All shirts shall be tucked in and worn with long pants and a belt
No shorts
Pants shall be pulled up to the waist, with the belt clearly visible
No sagging pants
No underwear shall be visible
No see-through clothing; no mesh shirts
No bare midriffs; no skin shall be visible between the shirt and the pants or skirt
No low-cut tops; no tube tops; no tank tops; no halter tops; no open backs
No sundresses; no spaghetti straps
No Spandex
No slogans on the seat of the pants
No flip-flops
No head coverings
No offensive clothing
No piercings except in ears
No tattoos shall be visible
No gang-related or gang-inspired clothing, coloring, accessories, or hairstyles




The Rutherford County Circuit Court Clerk Melissa Harrell is an elected official who serves for a term of four years and is responsible for all filings, processing and final disposition of cases, which include several phases of the Civil and Criminal law procedures in the Juvenile, General Sessions (Civil & Criminal), Circuit Civil and Circuit Criminal Courts. The Circuit Court Clerk employs Chief Deputies and several deputy clerks in each court in order to fulfill the requirement to attend court sessions and perform all clerical functions of each court.